Arbor Ridge (Louisville, KY)
By Dave Halpern, Louisville Short Sale Expert
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In a Short Sale “Is it better that I move out?” Sellers ask this all the time. The answer is the seller can stay in the house all the way up to the closing of the sale to the new buyer. There are actually many questions behind this question: Question: Will the bank be angry that I’m living in the house without paying? Answer: The bank realizes that many borrowers can’t pay. That’s why they have the short sale program. You didn't create this housing slump or job market crisis. ***** Question: Does the bank want me to move out because I’m not paying? Answer: No. The bank prefers you stay in the house. If you are in the house they know the house will be maintained, the grass will be cut, the utilities will be on, pipes won’t freeze, and the likliehood of vandalism will diminish. ***** Ques...
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