Heartland Crossing (Mooresville, IN)
By Marvin Burris
When you look at the amrket from the stand point of not just a Realtor but a historian of sorts you can see the direction we are going.  We went through this is the sixties, seventies and eighties.  We were due for a turn in the merket.  tHis one was just more complex.  When you look at the trends real estate as an industry went into a downturn in September 2007.  From then forward we have gone down.  With January 2009 we saw an upturn in many markets here in indiana a nearly 20% increase and some market as high as 30%.  This was a seasoal pick up but I feel it could be more.  Sice real estate leads the economy into the bad it shall also lead it out.  The refi market picked up with the drop in rates and so has the market overall.  As we watch the reaction that the governement will do tw...
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