Historic Irvington (Indianapolis, IN)
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When I was still new to Indianapolis I rented a cute apartment on Mass Ave but knew I'd buy a house eventually. I love owning my own house and there was no way I could be an apartment dweller for long. When a coworker asked if I'd considered Historic Irvington, I had to admit that I hadn't even heard of the place. Turns out, Historic Irvington is one of the better kept secrets among Indianapolis metropolitan neighborhoods. It's just five miles east of downtown Indianapolis --Michigan, Washington, and New York are the main thruways. Irvington real estate was just a few minutes from the Mass ave neighborhood I was about to leave. But as close as it is to Indy's skyscrapers, Historic Irvington has a strong small town community vibe. From the neighborhood council to the garden club, members...
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By Cynthia Sloop
(Community Association Manager)
Irvington is a wonderful community that is located five miles east of downtown in the western edge of Warren Township.  Irvington was originally platted as an independent suburban town in 1870 but was annexed into the City of Indianapolis in 1902.  What made this area unique from other parts of Indianapolis was its winding and picturesque streets.  Its name being chosen because the area along Pleasant Run was reminiscent of Washington Irving's "Sleepy Hollow." It is interesting driving down the residential streets.  They are tree-lined and the street is quite narrow compared to today's standards.  The brick is exposed with just reminants of the tar that was once put over them.  (So they are uneven and bumpy in areas.  That just adds to the charm of this area.) Irvington is roughly boun...
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