East Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)
By Shirley Soforic
(F. C.Tucker co.)
Last evening, my husband and I passed the Mexican restaurant  on our way to the post office.  Passing by prompted us to try another new restaurant.  This time Italian.  Again it was an old abandoned Pizza Hut building.  We like supporting our local owners, more so than the chain restaurants.  When we arrived at 5pm, the parking lot was empty, and we immediately thought it would be another struggling "boss".  We were greatly surprised when we entered.  Tables were prepared, tablecloths, plates, napkins, glasses and the works.  The surrounding walls were colorful and trendy in typical Italian decor.  We were greeted by a pleasant young man and escorted to our table.  Keep in mind, we were the only ones there.  So far, although empty of patrons, the experience was pleasant.  We chatted wit...
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