Lewis Lake (Brownsburg, IN)
By Mike Schmidt, Buy, sell and invest Indy real estate
(Realty One Group)
 Well, that’s a bit of a misnomer. Unless you reside along the shore of one of Metro Indy’s three reservoirs, pickin’s here are pretty slim. In fact, most lakes in these parts are between five and fifteen acres in size and look a lot like this:Something that often seems to confuse real estate agents around here is what the difference is between a lake and a retention pond. For local purposes, a body of water that follows the geographic contour of an area, and could be natural or man-made, by damming a stream (as shown in the picture below to the left) is a lake. A retention pond might be natural, but most here are of the man-made variety as a result of creating subdivisions (below right).  Living on a retention pond is not the same thing as living on a lake. I repeat: LIVING ON A RETENT...
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