Willow Ridge (Naperville, IL)
By Ridhi Raheja, FHA, 203k, VA, Jumbo, PreApproval, Jumbo Home Loan
(Movement Mortgage (Illinois))
How can you be the perfect buyer?  If you are ready to buy a home, make sure you do all the things that you need to do to be the perfect buyer. Once you become that, finding the right home and at the right price will become simpler. I did not say simple, I said simpler. Photo grabbed here. So here is my Perfect Buyer list: Get pre-approved. Sit down with a lender and know your options. Have them check your credit and run automated underwriting to see if there are going to be any roadblocks to your home ownership. Find out what is the total home payment you can afford. Every house is little different, two homes might be exactly similar in price, but might have different real estate taxes and that will change your total payment. So pay attention to real estate taxes, HOA dues if any and a...
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