The Meadows (Naperville, IL)
By William Piotrowski
(Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation )
 How to Say “No” to Others1. Firstly, listen to that nagging voice inside your head. Your intuition often knows when something is wrong – or when you’re saying “yes” to something that you’re going to regret - even though we can’t articulate the reason yet.2. Be clear about what you want out of life – otherwise you’ll spend your time being used by other people. 3. Count the cost. Be clear about the implications of saying “yes” – on your time, energy, exam success, friendships, reputation, and so on. 4. Understand that it’s OK to say “no”. You have a right to take control of your own life, and to schedule your time and priorities (and the same is true for other people, as well.) 5. Say “no” using the medium you’re most comfortable with is. For some people, that’s face to face; for others,...
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