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Then and Now: Living Arrangements in American Households Revisiting population data, the U.S. Census Bureau recently zeroed in on the living arrangements of adults over the last 40-plus years. Notably, the majority of adults in both 1970 and 2014 shared a household with a spouse. But if trends bear out, the gap between married adults and unmarried adults sharing households will close—fast. As of last year, spouses sharing a household edged out unmarried adults in various living situations by a mere 3.3 percent. What’s more, arrangements in which spouses share households have seen the most significant change since 1970, declining nearly 20 percent. A comparison: 1970Adults Who Live with a Spouse – 69.4 percentAdults Who Live Alone – 8.6 percentAdults Who Live with Other Relatives – 9.3 p...
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