Central Business District (Naperville, IL)
By Ann deVane, Naperville Real Estate, GRI, CNC, CSC, ePRO
(john greene, Realtor)
 Did you know that the inspiration for the Century Walk in downtown Naperville was inspired by a small town in Canada? (I'm not a proud Canadian at all, eh?)What is the Century Walk, you might be asking yourself?  It's the brain child of Brand Bobosky.  He had seen a town in Canada that had murals painted through out it.  Now I don't know for certain, but I'm going to venture a guess that the town was the much famed Chemainus, an old depressed logging town in BC (that's British Columbia, for all you non-Canuck's).  The town lost it's sawmill and economic base.  That is until they painted murals all over the buildings drawing folks from far and wide who came to see the paintings and stayed a while, thus creating an instant tourism economy.While Naperville's economy was never close to the...
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