West Terrace Subdivision (Lake Bluff, IL)
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Subdivisions and Neighborhoods in Lake Bluff – West Terrace Subdivision   In 1961 a subdivision of single family homes called the Terrace was started to the west of Sheridan Road in Lake Bluff.  The Terrace has evolved into three separate subdivisions divided by Green Bay Road and Rockland Road.  The West Terrace Subdivision is located west of Green Bay and south of Rockland Road.  It is bordered on the south by Lake Forest, to the east by East Terrace, to the north by the Lake Bluff Golf Course.    Note: The red line shows the border for the Village of Lake Bluff.  Lake Bluff has a large number of subdivisions and neighborhoods because of the age of the city and the way the city grew over time.  The blue lines show the location of each of the many subdivisions, neighborhoods and new bu...
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