Lansdowne Subdivision (Lake Bluff, IL)
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Subdivisions and Neighborhoods in Lake Bluff – Lansdowne Construction and Subdivision   The Lansdowne Subdivision is located on a single street, Lansdowne Lane that ends with a luxury mansion and lots fronting on Lake Michigan.  Orren Pickell is the contractor that is developing this subdivision.  There are currently two homes on Lansdowne Lane and several lots for sale.  Lansdowne is at the southern part of Lake Bluff, located between Lake Forest to the south and East Lake Bluff to the North.  You arrive at Lansdowne by turning east off of Moffett Road just north of where Moffett merges with Sheridan Road.    Note: The red line shows the border for the Village of Lake Bluff.  Lake Bluff has a large number of subdivisions and neighborhoods because of the age of the city and the way the ...
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