Ravenswood Manor (Chicago, IL)
RAVENSWOOD MANOR is to be designated historic district! So what! Here's the WHAT:  Residents may be entitled to significant benefits If you have ever been to The Manor, you'd know that a "smorgasboard of both high-end and popular early 20th century styles.  While bout half of th ehomes are classic Chicago Bungalow, there are also over 100 American Four Squares (check out Francisco!) and over two dozen Craftsman homes in the district,", reports Jessica Pupovac from the Chicago Journal.  "Throughout, the neighborhood is peppered with style surprises, icnlduing Colonial Revival, Queen Anne Victorian and Tudor Revival homes", she continues. RAVENSWOOD MANOR is centered upon the intersection of Kimball and Lawrence Avenues and it stretches from Sacramento AVenue in the west to the North Bran...
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