Winding Meadows Estate (Bolingbrook, IL)
By Phyllis Bloodworth
(Charles Rutenberg Realty)
Many great homes are on the market but i can't find the buyers. WERE ARE YOU?  This is the best time to buy. Right now you have the best of two worlds. Interest rates are low and the homes have all come down in price. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Are you waiting for the homes to start going up or Interest rates to climb or homes to go so high that you can't afford to buy? COME ON, I hate to see you not have a home because you didn't take that first BIG STEP. Let me help you, that's what I do.  CALL OR E-MAIL ME right now and we are on our way step by step to get you a home. SO I ASK AGAIN 'WHERE ARE ALL THE BUYER?  Phyllis
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