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In studying the sales statistics for the last six months on homes from $190,000 to $600,000 in North Henry County, the following information was determined: A total of 20 homes were sold in this time period.  There are 21 currently on the market, 12 expired without selling, and 3 are under contra...

By Elva Branson-Lee, CDPE - Atlanta Real Estate & Short Sale Agent
(Solid Source Realty GA)
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For Immediate Press Release Local Agent Provides Free Information Resource to Georgia Homeowners Facing Financial Hardships  New Web site presents options for homeowners confrontedwith the possibility of foreclosure.   Jonesboro, GA - August 27, 2010 - Local real estate agent and community advoca...
With the rapid growth of the Internet over the past 10 years and millions of websites and pages competing for the coveted top 10 listings on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others, a good website alone is no longer enough to compete for your fair share of Internet leads. If yo...

By Elva Branson-Lee, CDPE - Atlanta Real Estate & Short Sale Agent
(Solid Source Realty GA)
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Real Estate Agent turned 'Change Agent' - Pt. 3 Because I'm a Change Agent, and not just a real estate agent anymore, and because the health of my business is so closely tied to the health of my community, I can't afford NOT to give away what I know.  Especially when I'm looking for people to hel...

By Elva Branson-Lee, CDPE - Atlanta Real Estate & Short Sale Agent
(Solid Source Realty GA)
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In my last post, I introduced myself as a Change Agent, a pre-foreclosure specialist on a mission to save as many Georgians from foreclosure as I can, and a partner with our president-elect in effecting positive change in America's economy.   So how am I personally and positively affecting the ec...

By Karen Luke, Henry County Real Estate
(South Metro Property Management, LLC)
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Every Saturday before Mother's Day our little town hosts a community event called Ole Stockbridge Days. This year marks the 17th anniversary for this little event. There's all kinds of hand-made crafts, one of a kind sort of things, hand-made candles, personalized crafts. I love to get jewelry at...

By Brande Bradford, Realtor
(Keller Williams )
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Markus started kindergarten this year.  It was a time that I was dreading, as I knew as soon as he did, time would fly by and he would be graduating from high school.When the girls were younger, I didnt have the opporunity to do a lot with their schools besides be a room parent.  Some of their fo...

By James Dean, Associate Broker/Realtor
(Solid Source Realty,Inc.)
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A contract that is one-sided, favoring the party who drafted the document.  In fact, an adhesion contract can be so one-sided that doubt arises as to its being a voluntary and uncoered agreement because it implies a serious inequality of bargaining power. Courts will not enforce provisions in adh...

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