Waterview Tower (West Palm Beach, FL)
Who knew when I woke up this morning that a few hours later I was going to view George Hamilton's très chic apartment! Yes, George Hamilton. The actor, is perhaps best known for his off-screen persona, and who has become something of a pop-icon for his eternal golden-brown tan   Also best known as: Super-tanned actor and star of Dancing With the Stars 2 Filmography: 1960 All the Fine Young Cannibals 1971 Evel Knievel 1990 Godfather III 1997 Rough Riders 2004 Too cool for Christmas I was at Waterview Towers this morning showing some apartments to my clients - an adorable couple from New York; and I could not help but ask the listing agent if it would be at all possible to view one particular apartment my clients had their sights on before making up their mind. That’s how I ended up in G...
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