Siesta Key Village (Sarasota, FL)
By The Keith Kropp and Wayne Rogers Team, Nowhere But Here
(Michael Saunders & Company)
Siesta Key Is A Lot More Than The Number One Beach In The USA!  Siesta Key in Sarasota is probably best known as the location of the Number One Beach In The USA, but it is so much more than that.  Of all the Sarasota barrier islands, Siesta Key is probably the most relaxed.  The outfit of the day is usually flip flops, t-shirts and shorts.  At the center of the island is Siesta Key Village, the "beachiest" place on the island, besides the beach of course! The laid-back, casual atmosphere of Siesta Key Village is infectious.  Early morning risers can find inviting spots for coffee and breakfast, like the well-known Broken Egg.  At lunchtime the Daiquiri Deck is a popular option along with the Hub Baja Grill and many others.  For shopping there are a wide variety of shops for beach goers...
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