Marquee En Ville (Sarasota, FL)
By Jaime Carrion, Sarasota Real Estate
(Michael Saunders & Co.)
The focus of home buyers and investors definitely goes beyond the mere aesthetics, and a generous mix of form and function has to be factored in. It is for this reason that the Marquee en Ville condominium ranks among the top residential choices of those considering a home in Sarasota, Florida. Among Sarasota real estate for sale, the scale certainly tips the balance in favor of this property conveniently located at 235 Cocoanut Road. Designed as four-story town houses, this development surely can hold its own in comparison to the luxurious high-rise Sarasota condos for sale. Its chic urban architectural style promptly establishes a unique personality that draws positive attention to any available Marquee en Ville condos for sale. There are twenty-nine units in all at this condominium. ...
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