Village At Lake Highland ~ Wyndwood Town Homes (Lakeland, FL)
By Petra Norris, Realtor, Lakeland FL Homes for Sale
(Lakeland Real Estate Group, Inc.)
4209 Arietta Lane Lakeland FL - Another Lakeland Florida Short Sale "Sold" It was a long process and SunTrust took a very long time to approve this Lakeland Florida short sale in the Village at Lake Highlands.  In fact, it took SunTrust nine month to approve the short sale on the first mortgage and a HELO. The buyer stuck with it throughout this whole process, knowing that it was a great deal. Home - 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse in Lakeland Florida 1st Mortgage with SunTrust for $157,000 - Agreed to accept $84,300 including seller's contribution. HELO with SunTrust for $48,000 - Agreed to accept $3,790 with a promissory note of $16,592.00 to release the lien. Seller contributed cash to closing of $1,277.00   The transaction took 309 days from contract to closing. Seller is delighted - no...
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