The Neptune (Fort Myers Beach, FL)
By LLoyd Nichols, Southwest Florida Homes By The Sea
(Premier Florida Realty of SWFL)
It was only 3 months ago when the Neptune Inn started to change into The Neptune resort. First I had doubts as I had seen quite a few  condo hotels being build with mixed success. Some seemed to look sharp enough but I had reservations on the extravagant on site rental and management fees which often range from 40% to 50%.An unit could very well bring over $30,000 a year but when it was all said and done, the owner would end up with only $15,000 minus condos fees. These condos fees were often over $300 a month so you do the math.Plus lets not forget the mortgage if any, the property taxes and the insurance. But The Neptune is different.The owners will own the whole resort and have their own association.         The owner and managers of the Neptune is Neptune Holdings decided to bring f...
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