Shady Banks (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
By Jason Donn
(eRealEstate Social Media Group)
In Florida of Course.But not only do they live in Florida, they live in a special neighborhood just for these types of bank executives. They all live in an upscale subdivision in beautiful, sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida aptly named Shady Banks, where the homestead laws favor unsavory characters of this sort. Yes, this picture does not lie and many former mortgage executives live there. 21 of them to be exact.Well, now it is 18. 3 are in Federal prison. As for the others - 7 are under indictment, 5 are under investigation and 6 are on house arrest.Jason Donn of eRealEstate If you have any other Humorous articles about real estate please visit me and post them on MY SITE  
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