Waterchase (Boynton Beach, FL)
        http://www.treugroup.com - Are you wondering if a short sale is right for you? Call your Boynton Beach Real Estate Agents at 561-352-3056.  The Waterchase home in Boynton Beach short sale was sold by your Boynton Beach Real estate team.  This loan even had MI and your short sale team was able to help the seller avoid foreclosure.  This Waterchase home in Boynton Beach was a short sale and due to The Treu Group's superior marketing and negotiating skills, the seller received a Chase full release of deficiency .  Your Boynton Beach Real Estate Team is here to help you too.  Are you considering a seling your Boynton Beach property?        Yet another example of their consistent performance, The Treu group sold another Waterchase home in Boynton Beach Beach. If you have been thinkin...
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