Via Lugano (Boynton Beach, FL)
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Buyers From Norway Happy To Finally Close - Onsker velkommen til din nytt hjem.  This was a tough short sale to negotiate. There were two loans on this property. One of the attorneys we work with referred the short sale to us to list and negotiate the short sale since she does not work on short sale negotiations.  The second was with SLS and they are tough to work on for seconds. In fact, they wanted in the beginning a 40% payoff of the note. We finally settled for about a 28% settlement on the note.  We listed this condo for sale. Then we were contacted by this wonderful couple from Norway. They had flown in to visit with  a relative, saw the unit and then we wrote up an offer on our listing for them.  They don't have short sales in Norway. While the explanation of what is a short sale...
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