Un-incorporated County Pocket (Boynton Beach, FL)
By James Arena, Arena And Company
(Arena And Company)
The Beach House Sold 1 Day After I Put My Sign Up And Let Me Tell You Why. I personally painted the entire house, cleaned and cleared the entire yard front and back, lay-ed down sod and mulch, painted the garage inside and out, stained the fence from wood to white, stained the decks from wood to white, and pressured cleaned everything to give it a clean new look. While I was working on it you wouldn't believe how many people stopped by and asked to see it before I was even done.  Here is the flyer before we remodeled the listing. I know that hard work is what it takes in this market and thats what I want everyone to understand. The Real Estate Industry has changed once again and you must be able to adapt to the changes. You must be able to see the potential of a house and bring that pot...
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