Meridian Hill (Washington, DC)
By Monica Snipes, Austin, Helping Buyers & Sellers in Metro Washington, DC
(BML Properties Realty)
Tucked away behind huge stone walls, I just recently re-discovered Meridan Hill Park in Washington, DC.  The park is nestled in Northwest Washington, DC between 15th and 16th Streets.  When I was a child the park was run down not a very safe place to go.  Now the park has restored beautiful gardens and water fountains.  I was so surprised how large the park is with all the little alcoves and nooks throughout.  It reminds me of a Japanese garden. The park has people playing soccer and practicing yoga to families taking photos in front of the fountains. The community comes together on Sundays to play the drums and dance the afternoon away. It is a wonderful oasis tucked away in all the hustle and bustle of our Nations Capital. Here is more information about Meridan Hill Park.
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By Denny Horner
(Evers & Co. Real Estate)
I was wondering around this afternoon to take some new pictures for my website and am just amazed at all DC has to offer...most excitingly, I never experienced Meridian Hill Park in springtime, ...what a beautiful, tranquil and unique part of the city...   
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