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By John Anello, Stamford Area Electrician, Call Safe and Sound Electric at 203-536-0021
(Safe and Sound Electric LLC)
December and January are a time of festivity with family and friends, but it is also a time of increased number of fires at homes. Every year around this time, we see a rise in the number of house fires and we want everybody to enjoy the festivities and relax for the Holiday brake!   We have put together an Electrical Safety Holiday List because we have identified key  things you can do, to avoid incidents. These are things you can eaily manage at home:   1) Do not use any damaged cords. Replace them immediately 2) Keep all cords running on dry surfaces. Do not hide them under rugs 3) Make sure decorations are intended for indoor or outdoor use 4) Take any warning labels seriously 5) Keep in mind: Extension cords are for temporary use ONLY 6) Make sure Extension cord meets or exceeds po...
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