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By Jay McHugh, YOUR SendOutCard Mentor
(SendOutCards-Appreciation Marketing Expert)
Welcome to this edition of The Monday Morning Message...I trust you had a fantastic weekend filled with fun and relaxation.  We all face similar challenges in our lives and we all handle those challenges differently. There a few things that we all could do better to make the challenges that will come a little easier to handle. First, keep in mind that challenge and struggle will come to you. That is life and we all go through it. Second, your re-action to what happens to you is 100% within your control. You may not control what happens, but you control what you do about it. Third, pointing fingers or placing blame on others never solves the problem at hand. The goal is to understand what happened and why and move on. Fourth, love more and argue less. Spend your time loving a few rather ...
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By Matt Listro, Your Credit Repair Expert
(National Credit Fixers - Matt Listro)
Two snakes were out taking a stroll when the son snake turns to the mother snake and asks: "Mommy! Are we poisonous?""Why, yes we are", says the second.Again the baby snake asks, "Are you sure we're poisonous?""Yes, we are very poisonous."The baby snake becomes very upset. Again, he asks, "Are we really really poisonous?""Yes we are really really poisonous. In fact we're the most poisonous snakes in the world. Why do you ask?""I just bit my lip!!!" This one is just too adorable for words! Enjoy and be thankful that tomorrow is Friday! :)MattToll Free: 888-NCFIXER (623-4937)Toll Free Fax: 888-FAX-4020 (329-4020)Local: 860-282-6181330 Roberts Street 4th FloorEast Hartford, CT 06108 credit repair service
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