7th Avenue Historic District (Denver, CO)
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The U.S. government yesterday introduced particulars of recent plan targeted at helping distressed home owners modify second mortgages. The 2nd Lien Program is slated to operate together with first lien modifications offered underneath the government’s Making Home Affordable Program to provide a “comprehensive cost solution for battling debtors,” states the U.S. Department from the Treasury.   Second mortgages can make significant challenges in assisting debtors avoid foreclosures, even if an initial lien is modified. As much as 50 % of at-risk mortgages have second liens, and several qualities in foreclosures have several lien. Underneath the Second Lien Program, when among the government’s Home Affordable Modification’s is started on the first lien, servicers taking part within the Se...
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The Wood-Morris-Bonfils House is located at 707 Washington Street in the 7th Avenue Historic District of Denver.  Designed by architects Maurice Biscoe and Henry Hewitt in the Italian Renaissance Style, the Wood-Morris-Bonfils House was built in 1908 for mining and railroad magnet Guilford S. Wood.  This accounts for "Wood" in the Wood-Morris-Bonfils House name.  In 1923, after the death of Wood, the Wood-Morris-Bonfils House was sold to Andrews S. Hughes who lived in the home and eventually willed the Wood-Morris-Bonfils House to his daughter and son-in-law, Peter Randolph Morris, after his death.  Incidentally, P. Randolph Morris was another railroad businessman.  This accounts for the "Morris" name in the Wood-Morris-Bonfils House title.                                               ...
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