Westlake (Arvada, CO)
By Yenter Companies Drilling, Blasting & Stabilization Experts
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Rock Fall Protection Rockfall is a very common problem in many areas of the country, especially in mountainous areas.  In Colorado especially, it can be a huge problem for many home owners and property owners that live in these types of areas, and we work hard to protect this type of property. Rockfall Protection comes in many forms. Yenter Companies works directly with state DOTs, homeowners, developers and commercial property owners and other entities threatened by the hazard of a potential rock-fall. We remove, barricade or immobilize dangerous boulders and rock overhangs. Yenter Companies has designed numerous rock-fall barriers along the I-70 W corridor and many other mountain highways throughout the Western U.S. highway system. These barriers catch and stop falling rock matter be...
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