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By Mike Young, FHA 203k Consultant 916-758-1809
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203k and HomeStyle Renovation Mortgages are alive and well in QuincyJust drove through Quincy and saw no less than a hundred potential fixers. Looks like a goldmine to me. To all of you Realtors in the area, if you have a favorite home inspector or contractor please share their names with us and we'll get a team going in your area to close these fast.The HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage is the choice for anyone who has decent credit and can be used to purchase or refinance second homes or investment properties. Works just like the 203k but is tuned in to those vacation rentals and summer homes that seem to be so prevalent in this area.We are actively seeking a good home inspector or two to cover this area and we are willing to give them free training to work with our team. It is to your a...
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