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DO YOU HAVE UPLAND CA REAL ESTATE QUESTIONS? WE HAVE UPLAND CA REAL ESTATE ANSWERS   Are you wondering: Is now a good time to sell my Upland CA home or house? What is a Notice of Default, and how does it affect me? Which Upland CA real estate agent should I work with and why? I owe more on my Upland house than it's worth, what options do I have? Is now a good time to buy real estate in Upland California, or is now a good time to buy a Upland CA home? What is a short sale or short pay and how do they work? Is Upland CA real estate a good investment now? How much is my Upland home or house worth? We can answer all of these Upland CA real estate questions and more. We are experienced short sale real estate agents and REALTOR, and we can help you answer your real estate questions, plus we c...
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By Devona Garrigus, REALTOR® / Short Sale Specialist
(Garrigus Real Estate)
REAL ESTATE SHORT SALE FORMULA (Read this article first, then click on the link above) Do I Qualify for a Real Estate Short Sale in Upland CA? So you're considering a real estate short sale for your Upland, California Home….. Either you are near default or have already missed mortgage payments, and you are undoubtedly under-water on what you owe on the Upland home compared to what it is currently worth. We see this every day from people of all aspects of life and economic backgrounds. We know it's a difficult and daunting position to be in. We know there is so much information out there that its difficult to decipher what is correct, and what isn't.... and who to trust. We also know its embarrassing. We've been in similar situations ourselves, and we'd like to discreetly help you avoid ...
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