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By Kelley Eling, Realtor Extraordinaire
(Fathom Realty Group)
I was holding an open house yesterday on one of my listings that just had a price reduction.  On the open house sign I had a card, in red, that said "New Price".A woman came through the open house and asked me what the price was.  I asked her to have a look around and tell me what she thought it should be.  Her response was, "So is this one of those situations when you just make your best offer?"I thought to myself, "Isn't that always the case?  Every single person that has their house on the market wants to see your best offer."  Regardless of the market.  Sellers want to see offers.  All of them.I have clients that want me to let them know when there is a price reduction on a certain property, which I am happy to do.  But I ask, "Why would you wait for a price reduction?  Why don't yo...
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