Duck Pond (Temecula, CA)
By Colleen K. Cotter
(Keller Williams)
A client called me today from Temecula to chat about her unexpected divorce.  She explained that her recent divorce had snuck up on her.  She did not notice any warning signs.  She said that her soon to be ex-husband purchased a sports car and started getting back into shape which she saw as progress.  Shortly there after he left her for another woman.  The unexpected divorce has left emotional and financial scars.  She is now repairing her finances and her credit.  Her ex-husband managed the finances for the household.  She worked part time, took care of the children and the household.  She is a quick study and is learning how to budget for herself as a single mother. After the unexpected divorce she is reevaluating her life.  She is also in therapy and adjusting to her new personal a...
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By Sidney Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula, Realty Works Temecula
(Realty Works Temecula)
The Temecula area has so many beautiful parks and places to play in our almost year round sunny weather....the video link I took below is of the Temecula Duck Pond! I've also taken many pictues of Temecula Parks and plan to do more as the summer weather begins! As you can see it's a beautiful day to visit the Temecula Duck Pond! People all over the green grassy areas and you would never know we had rain yesterday.  By the looks of this weather I would say our "April Showers", are about over!!! Video of Temecula Duck Pond   For more information about Temecula Homes and Life and Living in Temecula contact me via the methods below!   Jane Grant Southwest Real Estate Telephone: 866 621-0155FACEBOOK, LinkedIN, U-Tube, Twitter, Trulia, Search For Homes     SEE MORE OF MY RECENT POSTS! Low Ta...
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