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By Randy "Lazarus" McAtee, Owner/Broker, Lazarus Realty, Fresno California
(Lazarus Realty)
  A good friend of mine just purchased a cabin in Huntington Lake (photo left). NO, I did not participate in the transaction; he bought the property for-sale-by-owner directily from the owner. From what I know of the transaction though, it appears he got a screaming good deal. This weekend a group of us when up to help him do a little work on it. I'll admit I didnt do too much work but my son Joshua made up for what little I contributed. Another friend of ours happens to also own a cabin up there and she we gracious enough to allow us to use it for the weekend (photo right) It was pretty warm this weekend in Fresno but as you can see from the images it was snowing at Huntington Lake. Sunday morning I walked along the lake and took the picturees below. Huntington Lake is in the high Sier...
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By Valerie Mortensen, B.A.
(Coldwell Banker, Shaver Lake Real Estate, Inc.)
I hope it is okay to tell everyone that I have a blog and the address is the title of this current post.  I have some great pictures from our area, my town, my street.  You can get great insight into this great vacation area by visiting my blog...and now I have this one too.  I also have some unique pictures captured while just looking out my widow...check it out!
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By Randy "Lazarus" McAtee, Owner/Broker, Lazarus Realty, Fresno California
(Lazarus Realty)
Last Tuesday it was 85 degrees with sparkling blue sky in Fresno. The phones were quite so I hopped into my FJ Cruiser and headed for the hills to fish. Destination: Big Bear Creek. But on the way I passed through Shaver Lake which is only 45 miles and about a one drive from central Fresno.It had to be the most beautiful days I have ever witnessed up there. A Combination of clear air, mild temperatures, and few vacationers made it an ideal day.If you live in the Bay Area or Los Angeles and are thinking of buying a second home or cabin you might want to consider Shaver Lake. Prices range from $300k to $1,000.000+. You can call me or email me and I will be happy to provide you a list of homes/cabins that meet your criteria.If you have an RV and want to drive out in the spring (or anytime ...
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