Peach Hill (Moorpark, CA)
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Your Gateway to a New CommunityPeach Hill Park is like a lush treasure in Moorpark, CA, just south of the CA-118 freeway. People of all ages love this place because of its open spaces and a spot to have picnics. It's great for playing and spending time outside. The north part of the park is near a peaceful community with quiet streets. You can find homes ready for immediate occupancy and with a pleasant curb appeal. These homes are filled with sunlight, making them cozy and comfortable. They're perfect for growing and enjoying life. The yards are big, with room for outdoor fun and even parking RVs. On the neighborhood's edge, some Peach Hill Moorpark homes for sale have a special view of the park, which looks beautiful and calming. This area also has a pool, a spa, a park, a playground,...
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By Connie Tebyani, Platinum Home Staging, Los Angeles and Ventura County
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Most of you wouldn't know, but I volunteer in my son's Kindergarten classroom for 2 hours every Monday morning and I am also the "Classroom Parent".    A month or so ago a new boy came to the class that I immediately could feel that something was "off".  Every Monday morning, I make a point to make sure that I wash his face for him, try to comb his hair,  etc. Yesterday morning while doing my weekly lessons with the class he came to my table and sat down. His finger nails were black with dirt; obviously they had not been trimmed for WEEKS, maybe months, and this morning his hair was so bad that I don't think he had been able to take a bath in at least a week. His name is Branden, he will be 6 next month.   While leaving the table to move on to the next lesson Branden's shoe fell off and...
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