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Mammoth Lakes located in central California is one of Vegas Bob's favorite hang outs during the summer months. When the temps in Las Vegas are reaching 110 plus VB likes to jump in the car with the family and take a 6 hour drive north west to Mammoth Lakes. The elevation is around 7000 feet which helps create much cooler temps along with breath taking views. Take a look at this beautiful photo that took on one of my visits to Mammoth Lakes. And where did this beautiful area get the name "Mammoth Lakes"? Scientists found prehistoric bones of Mammoth many years ago and so came the name Mammoth Lakes. If you have never been to Mammoth Lakes and you live close to central California, plan a trip and stay for several days. The best time to go during the summer months would be around June, Ju...
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 " The Good with The Bad "  My post before this one is quite sad so I wanted to follow it up with something nice.  This is Beautiful Mammoth Lakes in California around a 5 hour drive from Las Vegas, Nevada and not far from San Fransisco and Los Angeles.  It is a very beautiful place to vacation, boating, fishing and enjoying the fresh air and beauty in the Summer and snow skiing approx. 5 months out of the year because of the high elevation.  Mammoth Lakes is about 1 hour away from Yosemite National Park, so you could kill two birds with one stone (just an expression) if you were to visit one, visit them both.  The photo below is of part of my new family and me, and they really love me for who I am!  Story and photos by: Robert Swetz  All photographs by: Robert Swetz and copyrighted/ t...
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By Stacie Robbins
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