Lowell (Fresno, CA)
By Stephanie Greenberg, Fresno Homes For Sale
(Lion Real Estate)
Take a vistit to Historic Lowell Area, Fresno CA   This area is an up and coming area near downtown Fresno CA.  Currently the City of Fresno's Neighborhood Stabilization Program is rehabbing many of the properties in this area.  While there are still some homes in need of rehab, the neighborhood is sprinkled with newly painted and fixed homes that make it a pleasure to drive the area.  Recently a community garden was put in for the residents and two new Charter schools were approved in the Lowell area.  Homes sell from $35,000 to $150,000. View the video to get a sample of the real estate offerings in the Lowell area of Fresno CA   Contact me for more information about the Lowell area of Fresno CA        
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