Chelsea Knolls I (Fresno, CA)
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Chelsea Knolls I Luxury Homes Fresno, CA. 93720If you are looking for an above average neighborhood with mature landscaping and a custom feel, Chelsea Knolls offers such qualities.  There is a Chelsea Knolls I & II but this post will only be about I.  This community is just East of Woodward Park on the other side of Friant.  It is also just South of the Ft. Washington/Friant shopping center.  Just to get to this community you need to drive down a street that is heavily landscaped and the trees and shrubs are very inviting.  Most of the homes in this neighborhood are on lots that are elevated from the street and some driveways are substantially inclined.  I do not know exactly why the designer/developer did this but it seems that flooding of these homes would never be a problem. Over the...
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