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By Fred Sweezer Sr. CMI, LLC., Certified Home Inspector
(Hud Certified 203K Consultant)
Safeguard Your Home from Burglars   Some interesting statistics concerning break-ins in the United States:   •Theft makes up more than three-quarters of all reported crime. •In 2005, law enforcement agencies reported more than 2 million burglary offenses. According to a survey, burglars enter homes through the following locations:    •81% enter through the first floor; •34% of burglars enter through the front door; •23% enter through a first-floor window; •22% enter through the back door; •9% enter through the garage; •4% enter through the basement; •4% enter through an unlocked entrance; •2% enter through a storage area; and  •2% enter through anywhere on the second floor. Some interesting statistics concerning break-ins in Canada (2002):   •The burglary rate in Canada, at 877 per 100,...
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By Eddy Martinez
(Nationwide Funding Group)
Escrow For a large number of people, excrow is a mysterious, obscure process. They do not know what "going to exrow" means, nor how you "open an escrow". There is no real mystery about it, however. It is a period during which the paperwork required for the sale or refinance of a deed of real property is processed. Here in California, when ownership transfers from one person to another there is usually a neutral third party, called an escrow agent/officer, handling the details of the transfer. After the principals of a sale or transfer make an agreement, an officer normally opens escrow on their behalf.  Eddy MartinezBest Rate Funding - Direct Lender - Wholesale RatesSenior Loan ConsultantDirect Line: 1-888-702-2225 x. 115E- Fax : 1-310-943-6551bestrate Funding"A business that makes noth...
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