Los Angeles (Downey, CA)
By Carlos Arvizu, (R.V. Zoo)
(Carlos R. Arvizu Sr. with Prudential California Realy)
Carlos R. Arvizu Sr. California writes: The problems were facing today such as jobs, the economy, the housing market, and national security far outweigh the President of the United States desire to pass a bogus health care package down our throats, especially the 1000 plus pages of garbage.  Politicians be prepared to lose in the 2010 elections, regardless of your party affiiations, be you a  democrat, republican or indepndant, the American people can only take so much and if you dare pass legislation such as the crap you have on the table right now. Americans can only take so much abuse.  Once you back us up into a corner, our patients only goes so far, don't expect the American public to buy into this outright fraud against every hard working American. President Obama and the gang of ...
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