Forest (Castro Valley, CA)
By The Serenity Real Estate Team - Pamela Ann Northup & Anthony Arsondi
(Keller Williams Realty)
Castro Valley Taco Bell Destruction Filmed by Amongst the beautiful hills of Castro Valley , Down goes Taco Bell and up comes a new Taco Bell. Interesting that our beautiful town has over 10 fast food restaurants to choose from. The most fast food restaurants in a square mile throughout the East Bay. Is something wrong with this picture? We think so!!!! What is this teaching the kids of Castro Valley? Fast Food Is Good for you??? We could use some health food restuarants, and some fine dining in Castro Valley. Save some room for a little more entertainment and more activities for our children. Any ideas??? Let us know. We will be talking more about how we can all help make Castro Valley #1 Place to live in the East Bay. Thanks, Serenity Real Estate Team
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