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Belmont- Homeview/Sterling Downs Homes in the neighborhood lie on both sides of Ralston Avenue. They are entry-level two and three bedroom homes on 4,000 – 5,000 sq ft lots, with a few high-rise apartment buildings sprinkled in here and there. Homes in the neighborhood are located in very close to the Belmont Caltrain station as well as Highway 101. Click the link below to view Belmont Listings: http://www.sfpeninsulacondos.com/listings/areas/31218/propertytype/SINGLE,CONDO/   North of Ralston in Sterling Downs is also comprised of 50′s ranchers. Homes in this neighborhood are modest three bedroom and one bath units having only around 1,000 square feet. The architecture is simple and reminiscent of homes in Palo Alto’s Sterling Gardens and Redwood City’s Woodside Plaza. The neighborhoo...
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By Drew & Christine Morgan, Belmont California Real Estate
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Enhancing A Home's Appeal A full-service professional agent can offer tips and advice on preparing your home for sale. Since each home is unique, a boiler plate list of recommendations is nice to have and easy to put on-line, but it can hardly replace an agent's first hand look at your home.A professional full service agent has experience in your local market regarding which enhancements or improvements will provide an acceptable return for an investment in a particular area. An agent who specializes in a particular area will be able to determine what the profile is of the typical buyer for a home, and act accordingly to offer staging advice, paint schemes and landscape improvements which maximize your resale potential. An agent who specializes in an area will no doubt have a long list ...
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