Lowe's (Beaumont, CA)
By Todd & Devona Garrigus, Broker / REALTORS®
(Garrigus Real Estate)
Is Your Beaumont Home Underwater? Short Sale that Beaumont House!Beaumont Short Sales are nothing new. In fact, most of the Beaumont housing market consists of short sales these days.If you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments on a property that is worth half the value of what you purchased it for? This is NOT the American dream. No one wants to lose their home to foreclosure. And no one wants to sell them home if they don’t want to move. But doing nothing and letting the bank foreclose, or staying with a home that is financially crushing is not the way to support your family.A Beaumont short sale may be the best option for you. But how can you know without talking to a Beaumont Short Sale Expert (That’s us!)? Have you considered a loan modification instead of a short sale? That...
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