Centennial Park (Antioch, CA)
By Gene Riemenschneider, Turning Houses into Homes
(Home Point Real Estate)
Centennial Park Homes in Antioch Centennial Park Homes in Antioch is a great little sub division or around 100 homes on the north-west corner of Contra Loma Blvd and James Donlan Blvd built in the 1980's. See Homes in Centennial Park for Sale! The Homes in Centennial Park are two story homes with nice layouts. There is only one entry to the neighborhood from Contra Loma Blvd; this means the only people in the neighborhood are people that have a reason to be there. There is no through traffic and the area is quite. When I first moved to East Contra Costa County in 1997 I rented a house in this neighborhood and was very happy. We found it a nice area for our family. Most of the homes are very well kept and the area shows a pride of ownership with a strong neighborhood identity. A second p...
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