Tanque Verde Valley (Tucson, AZ)
By Greg McCown
(Century 21 1st American)
Gnarly Sunrise   Months ago I spotted this dead Mesquite Tree that I thought would make an interesting silhouette against the sunrise.  Early this morning I peaked out to see the sky looking ripe with potential.  I thought I might as well give this new spot a try.   I didn't have to hike far, but I ended up going through about 30 spider webs making my way down into the wash through all the brush.  After the 5th spider web I extended my tripod and waved it up and down in front of me as I walked.  Must have been an interesting sight if anyone had been watching.  It was a freaking spider infestation  down there.  I spent the rest of the day squirming at the slightest touch or thought of spiders or spider webs.   Anyway, I conquered my arachnophobia, and got to the spot I wanted just as so...
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