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If you are a realtor, constantly engaged in conversation and sales, you know the significance of having the right descriptive words to enhance your communication and to increase the chances of a sale.Here are some that we use almost daily. PRINT and place on the wall close to your computer ABUNDANCEa lot, loads, excess, abundance, excess, plethora, oodles, googolplex, surplus, overmuch, beaucoupADDIncrease, augment, enlarge, multiply, double, append, annex, acquire, obtain, accrete, supplement, summarize, sum upARRANGERedo, renovate, organize, adjust, classify, systematize, coordinatedATTRACTLure, draw, catch, magnetize, entice, capture, captivateBEAUTIFULGraceful, stunning, amazing, spectacular, sensational, stunning, refined, irresistible, charming, exquisiteBIGHuge, enormous, immense...
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By Loretta Largo
(Summit Realtors, Huntsville Branch)
 Madison County again leads the state of Alabama in new and expanding business as of 2006.  With 48 projects and 4,602 new jobs in 2006 that's almost twice as many jobs as any other county in the state of Alabama.  The Alabama Development Office released a 2006 New and Expanding Industry Report which revealed that Madison County led the state of Alabama in jobs announed for new companies with 1,352.  Baldwin County came in 2nd with 1,135 new jobs.  Madison County was the top leader with 43 companies announcing 3,250 new jobs for the area.  Jefferson County came in 2nd with 44 companies announcing 1,610 new jobs.  Click here for more information about Huntsville/Madison County.  If you are thinking of relocating to this area, give me a call or contact me for more information!
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By Kimberly Grant, Real Estate Agent - Huntsville Alabama
(Exit Leon Crawford Realty)
Huntsville and Madison Real Estate Market Update Submitted by: Kimberly Grant, Huntsville Real Estate Agent Huntsville Real EstateWell here we are again.  Do I really have to tell you that the month of June is half way over?  That means that 2007 is about half way over... WOW!!  That's all I will say about that but its about for another snapshot of our our local real estate market is doing.Here we are ready to recap our Huntsville statistics for the month as of today June 15, 2007.  I am very excited to report that there were 150 homes sold in Huntsville and 77 homes sold in Madison so far this month!!!  There are some parts of the country that are really experiencing sluggish market conditions right now but Huntsville has kept a steady pace.  Huntsville is right on pace this month comp...
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