Meadowbrook (Birmingham, AL)
By Deneise Fondren, The Key to Your Real Estate Needs
(AL Classic Realty)
The Real Estate Market I am pretty fed up with the way the national media is portraying the current housing market situation.  Headlines such as "Housing Market Plummets" and "Home Sale Prices Down" are not relatively true.One must realize is that the past 5 years of real estate in this country has been very profitable and advantageous.  During this time, many areas INFLATED their home pricing.  Buyers were able to get easy loan terms, and many buyers who otherwise would not be eligible for a loan, took advantage of the low interest rates.  Many purchasers had questionable credit, and were still able to get 100% financing.   The housing market is experiencing the same rule of economy that the stock market does.  When pricing is inflated, and people play the industry hard and fast, then ...
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