Cottonwood Shores (Wasilla, AK)
Homes For Sale in Wasilla Alaska by Robert SwetzWasilla Alaska is approximately 48 miles north of Anchorage Alaska and is surrounded by many small lakes with beautiful lake homes.Robert Swetz has real estate associates in Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Seward,Homer, Fairbanks and other cities across the state of Alaska.Here are some photographs of homes during the winter months on lakes across the city of Wasilla.For any people reading this post and viewing these photos that is interested in purchasing a home or real estate in Wasilla, or other cities around Alaska please call Robert Swetz at: 907 887 1060Robert Swetz will not pressure you in anyway, and these homes around the lakes and other areas look so much more beautiful during the spring, summer, fall months when the trees are full o...
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