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 Saturday, August 5, 2017 My Burmese Family and Friends in Alaska by Robert Swetz       Seward Alaska 8-3-2017 My Burmese Family and Friends in Alaska by Robert Swetz   Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz had planned on being with his family and friends in Alaska the first week of August but his job wouldn't allow it because the project is coming to an end.   Anyway my wife Lin texted me these photographs from Seward Alaska 2 days ago and the weather turned out to be wonderful for them. They are headed to Homer now, followed by Wasilla, Palmer and then Denali National Park.   I sure wish I was there ... ;o(      Mountain by Exit Glacier by Seward Alaska 8-3-2017     Posted by Robert "Vegas Bob" Swetz at 9:49 AM   Labels: Alaska, Burmese, Denali National Park, family & friends, Homer, Palmer, Rober...
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Sunday, July 23, 2017 Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be headed to Alaska soon     Robert Vegas Bob Swetz will be headed to Alaska soon   Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob will be wrapping up a construction job he has been working on for almost 2 years soon. Santa Clara Square located in Silicon Valley north of San Jose will be complete in 1-2 months.     As soon as I am finished with Santa Clara Square I will be going to Alaska to spend some time with my wife and boys. It will be great to visit family, take some new photos and get some fresh air.    
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
 Beautiful Seward Alaska Here is a colorful photo of a small section of the bay and marina in Seward Alaska.We drove down from Homer yesterday and spent some time walking around the downtown area and also hiking around Exit Glacier.Robert Vegas Bob Swetz has been coming back to visit Seward Alaska since his very first visit to Alaska back in 2001.Seward is a very interesting place and most of the large cruise ships that visit Alaska from Seattle and many foreign countries port in Seward and tourists will then take charter buses to Anchorage, Denali National Park, Fairbanks and more.
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 July 7th 2001 when I first went on vacation to Alaska I flew in from Minnesota to Anchorage, rented a car and in 7 days drove approx. 1500 miles.In that 7 days I drove from Anchorage to Fairbanks which is approx. 360 miles times 2 = 720 miles. Then I drove from Anchorage to Homer which is 218 miles one way times 2 = 436 miles. Then I drove from Homer to Seward, and from Seward to Anchorage is 121 miles. So the grand total of miles would be 1,277 miles and another 200 miscellaneous would be just under 1500.On my first visit to Seward in 2001 I noticed banners in town over main street with the words MOUNT MARATHON July 4th. So I asked some locals about the Mount Marathon signs in town and they mentioned that every July 4th there is a running marathon that turns into a mountain climb. So ...
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Robert Swetz's latest hike in Alaska really tired him out.Alaska Bob aka Robert Swetz went on a long hike with the teenage boys yesterday, and the hike was very difficult.I have been hiking all my life and I never thought I would ever slow down, but this hike really took a toll on me.We hiked about 5 miles up and 5 miles down, but the hike was very steep and now today my legs are so sore that I can hardly walk up or down stairs.So today I will be resting my legs and I sure hate getting older ;o(  Las Vegas Homes Henderson Nevada Real Estate Robert ...  Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Nevada and ... Vegas Nevada and currently I have residence in Anchorage Alaska & Las Vegas. Alaska Bob at BIG SUR California | Robert (Vegas Bob .....
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  Beware of Bears while hiking the trails of Alaska by Robert Swetz   For 2 years now Robert Swetz aka Alaska Bob - Vegas Bob has been hiking the trails of Alaska, around Anchorage, Palmer, Homer, Wasilla, Seward, Denali National Park, etc.     While Robert hikes the trails, he is very prepared will a round bell attached to his belt to create noise while hiking, pepper bear spray, large Bowie knife and Robert is purchasing either a 44 Magnum or a 45 semiautomatic for protection. Bear attacks are not real common but if hikers come around a sharp corner and startle a mother bear and her cubs, you have a serious problem. Bears can outrun humans, climb trees and have the power to rip you head off with one swipe of their paw ;o( Alaska Bob's suggestion would be, "Don't Be a Statistic" be pr...
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Robert Alaska Bob Swetz would like to share some "Eye Candy" from Alaska "The Last Frontier" of 2015The photo (above) was taken from 30,000 feet from a jet coming into Anchorage AK.Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz wanted to share some of his favorite photos that he took in 2015.The photo (above) was taken at Jerome Lake approx 60 miles south of Anchorage.You may have viewed some of them in other posts, but it never hurts to do a double take.The photo (above) is Thunderbird Falls approx 20 miles north of Anchorage AK.The photo (above) was taken at Tern Lake at the junction of hwy 1 & hwy 9 headed between Anchorage & Seward, approx 50 miles north of Seward.The photo (above) is a small creek located 3 miles from Eagle River which is a small town between Wasilla & Anchorage.The photo (...
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By Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
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Kayaking Alaska in SeawardWe explored Alaska by so many means of transportation. Hiking, biking, driving, bus tours, flying and now kayaking. All the methods had unique experiences to offer. This was a tandem ocean kayak (which you can save a little bit if you share). And in fact I may even suggest you work as a team, as the current is strong and having two paddlers is less tiresome than one. This kayaking adventure blended ocean kayaking with a short hike. Be sure to bring snacks, water and fluids that offer electrolytes as you will eat up some energy; especially paddling against the current. We did spot a lot of jumping salmon and one sea otter.There are other tours that allow you to explore glacier caves, which is on the list for next time.  
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The beautiful young lady in the photo above that was taken at Lucile Lake in Wasilla Alaska is by far the number one reason Alaska Bob aka Robert Vegas Bob Swetz is going to Alaska ;o) Robert Swetz will be fishing for halibut in Homer Alaska the second week of July 2015 with his lovely wife Lin.November 2014 was the last time Vegas Bob was in Alaska, and in May of 2015 Lin stopped into San Jose for a visit. The second reason Alaska Bob will visiting the Last Frontier in Alaska would be it's beauty.The beauty of Alaska is by far one of the most beautiful places in the world. Lady walking with her son in Seward Alaska September 2014 by Robert Swetz
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Summer in Alaska 2015 with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 1-8-2015   Summer in Alaska 2015 with Robert Vegas Bob Swetz 1-8-2015   Vegas Bob is very excited about taking several months off during the summer in Alaska. And here are just a few photographs that Vegas Bob took i August of 2014.     Rain or Shine ... nothing is going to hold Vegas Bob from his planned vacation in Alaska. In fact ... if Vegas Bob is dialed in working for a glass company during the Summer of 2015, VB will be letting the company know he's leaving.     And if for some reason the company tells Vegas Bob he might not have a job when he comes back, well ... Vegas Bob has a bag of glazing tools up in Anchorage AK.     Vegas Bob could work construction after he plays around during the summer. And when it gets really cold in l...
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By Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Broker, Put 40 years of experience to work for you
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The drive from Anchorage to Seward is about 120 miles and takes about 2 1/2 hours in good traffic, but then that doesn't count all of the stops one must make along the way to stop and stare at the magnificent scenery! This is another town that is somewhat reminiscent of Old Sacramento. It has that "old west" feel, but then again, Alaska is the Last Frontier. We are standing at the end of the road. Mile Zero for the Iditarod trail, which runs north to Nome, you know, where all of those guys are running around in little red hats and knickers, oh, wait. I waited and waited for this harbor seal to turn around and look at me, but she was hesitant. These guys can't stand up on their flippers like the Steller seals and have to crawl around on their belly like a reptile. I would like to say I ...
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By Joni Bailey, Your Huntsville / Lake Livingston Area REALTOR®
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    It was about a mile hike up to the glacier. There were plenty of resting places and it was worth the time to go all the way up!    In Seward, we camped at Miller's Landing. We saw puffins at the aquarium, hiked up to Exit Glacier, and took a walk through the forest at Lowell State Recreation Park.     This guy hung around for a long time. He was on the beach at our campground. We got pretty close and he was not the least bit concerned about us. I bet I shot 30 pictures of him.     The town of Seward was very picturesque. 
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