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Here are so great photos of wild life that I captured on my properties in Alaska.On my last visit to Alaska every once and a while I would step out the front door of my house only to be greeted by mother moose and her two babies.Then several days later I stepped out the front door only to be greeted by two beautiful crane birds walking around in the driveway.All I can say about the wild life in Alaska is it will take you by surprise, just when your looking around there will be a moose, cranes, eagles and so much more.
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By Robert Vegas Bob Swetz
Thursday, September 7, 2017 Clouds over Alaska by Robert Swetz     Clouds over Alaska by Robert Swetz   Robert Swetz aka Vegas Bob was up in Alaska over the Labor Day weekend visiting family and taking photographs.   Here is one of the many photographs that Robert Swetz took on his last visit to Alaska that was taken on the Kenai Peninsula.   Please stay tuned because there will be more photos coming towards the end of the week into the weekend.    Realty ONE Group | Robert Swetz Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz has been purchasing Real Estate Properties for over 20 years for investment and personal reasons. I have been licensed in Las ... Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent - ActiveRain Robe...
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 Vegas Bob and family praying for sunshine in Alaska Robert Vegas Bob Swetz was staying in Alaska from November 2015 to May 2016 so he had more than enough time to take photographs of snow, drissle and rain.So now still being August and actually still summer Vegas Bob and family are hoping and praying for sunshine so we can play, fish and take photographs with some (Blue) color in the sky.Vegas Bob has had plenty of sunshine living in California but the "Locals" in Alaska are getting tired of rain and would like some sunshine to brighten up their days.Here is yet another wonderful photograph Vegas Bob has taken with his Apple 6+ cell phone and Vegas Bob (will not) be loading up any photos from his (New) camera he purchased because he left his laptop back down in California ... patience ...
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“At the end of the day...” “The bottom line…” “When all is said and done…”  The final verdict on whether any activity is ultimately deemed a triumph comes down to how successfully it addresses future circumstances. It’s especially relevant when you find yourself at the outset of searching for a new Anchorage Real Estate home. That’s not always as easy as you might think. The pressures of the moment (especially when the change of residence is mandated by outside factors—like a job transfer or quickly approaching school registration deadline)—can loom so large that when you find a house that’s perfect for the family now, second thoughts about the distant future don’t even surface. Better idea: before you even start, take a breath! The search for your new home in town will ultimately be mu...
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