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I am very sad to say that my wife Lin went into emergency last evening because she was feeling very sick. Lin waiting for around 10 hours to get a bed for her stay at the hospital.The doctors and nurses found out that Lin's blood pressure is very low, she has strep throat and some type of infection that has spread into her blood stream.Lin is the sweetest person and would do anything for anybody. With her happy festive presence it's very difficult to see her like this, and I wish everyone would pray for Lin's quick recovery. Here are a couple of wonderful photos of Lin in Alaska and she was so excited to have been able to drive her car on Big Lake is Alaska, she had never done this before ;o)
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The Aurora Borealis (Northern Light) in the state of Alaska are by far some of the best to view, video and photograph.Here are just a couple of photos of just how beautiful the Northern Lights are in Alaska.And viewing the lights in person is so much more breath-taking than any photograph or video.Robert Alaska Bob Swetz will be taking photographs & videos of the Aurora Borealis in the months of January & February 2016 from Anchorage, Wasilla, Palmer, Homer and possibly Fairbanks if Alaska Bob can handle the extreme cold temps in Fairbanks.So stay tuned into the World Wide Web on the latest photos, videos and blogs posted about the beautiful state of Alaska and other parts of the World. 
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